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We created Truckertwits as a place for Truckers to help each other, share ideas and communicate information relating to trucking. There will be many different opnions and we hope that you can respect each other enough to follow our rules. Users who are in violation of these rules will have their Truckertwits account banned and their content will be deleted.


It's ok to disagree and debate different topics. But it is not ok to attack, Insult, Harrass, threaten and use Derogatory Language. 

TruckerTwits User Tip

We get that people come on Social sites just to annoy, ruffle feathers and get people angry. But there are other ways you can handle people like this. Depending on the circumstances you can just ignore and block the user. But, if they are causing harm or threatening harm you can always Flag them and the Truckertwits admins will take care of it.


Spam and Promotion Definitions

Many members who participate in the TruckerTwits community are actively involved in the business of finance and markets. While we encourage participation from everyone, we ask that your actions on the site focus predominantly on sharing ideas and information, not on directly promoting products and services to other members or on trying to draw attention to yourself in ways that are product promotional.

Below are activities that we consider spam.

- Linking to a landing page or sales pitch instead of the idea or content promised in the message is spam.

- Sending unsolicited replies, mentions, or direct messages promoting a paid service or product is spam.

- Tagging a message or link that has little or nothing to do with the $SCAC is spam.

- Posting the same, or very similar, messages or links multiple times is spam.

- Sending messages promoting gains on trades that you did not originally share on TruckerTwits is spam.

- Following large numbers of users for the purpose of soliciting follows is spam.

- Liking messages for the purpose of soliciting follows is spam.

It is ok to link to a page that includes an ad to a paid service, email list or other sign-in as long as the primary content on that page and highlighted in the original message is available to all users without having to take any additional action.

Spam and Promotion Policies

- Your first 50 messages are restricted from tagged promotion.

- Promotional content may only make up 10% or less of your posting volume. (1:10 Rule) For ten original posts with no promotion, you are afforded one tagged promotional post.

- Promotional content must include free and informative and/or actionable content.

- You may not manipulate your promotional post.

- You may not coerce other people to promote it for the sake of increased visibility.

Offending posts will be removed and your account may be suspended.

Bashing and Manipulation



With any discussion about Brokers, it is critical to the community that there be no manipulation or misinformation whether attempting to manipulate or not. We encourage members to disclose positions as part of the discussion.

-Sending repeated overly positive or negative messages about a particular Broker without new or substantive information.

-Spreading false rumors about a particular Broker or anything else.

-Distributing links to websites known to manipulate brokers.

- You may not impersonate executives of companies. You may not impersonate anyone.

- You may not coerce others to increase the visibility of your post. You may not coerce at all.

- Creating multiple accounts to message about a particular stock, duplicate messages or otherwise violate these House Rules.

Any of these actions may result in suspension.

Other Unacceptable Posting Types

- You may not post nudity of any kind.

- You may not reveal personal information of anyone without their consent.


- Don’t tag political messages. If you want to discuss politics, do not tag it with a cashtag.

Automated Posting

Good/Acceptable Uses of Automated accounts

- Leveraging the value of automated posting via Truckertwits API to add the conversation?—?posting new, breaking, or value-added information across a wide range of SCAC, regardless of their popularity.

Bad Uses of Automated Accounts

- Intentionally spamming popular and trending SCAC streams

- Posting low value and/or promotional content too frequently

- Posting to intentionally make SCAC trend

- Overly promotional content, no matter the frequency

 Posting frequent amount of image attachments to dominate the Chart stream

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