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Best Factoring Company of 2022


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As with most businesses (especially small businesses), cash flow is critical to ensure funds are available to meet your operating needs. Without effective cash flow management, a business faces several problem areas, such as cash shortages, inability to pay bills, bankruptcy, or even business failure.

Cash outflows and inflows each happen on their own cycles. Many times, cash inflows lag behind cash outflows, leaving your business short of money. This is known as a “cash flow gap.” With a large gap of this nature, your outflow of cash may not be covered by a cash inflow for weeks or months.

Cash flow is one of the most vital elements in the survival of a business. It shows where a company may be headed. Instead of hoping everything will work out, you can enhance your cash position with Invoice Factoring from Triumph Business Capital. When you can predict or even control your cash flow, you are in a much better position for continued business success. Here are the Pro's and Cons of working with Triumph.




    Triumph Business Capital, aka invoicefactoring.com, specializes in transportation factoring, the industry that most often relies on invoice factoring to keep their vehicles fueled and maintained and their drivers safe and healthy on the road.

Triumph offers extra incentives to its transportation customers, including a fuel card program, insurance programs and equipment financing.

In addition to transportation factoring, Triumph Business Capital also provides invoice factoring for staffing companies, oil and gas, manufacturing, telecommunications, and service businesses.


  • - Ability to run credit checks and see the status of transactions in their portal

  • - Funds Next Day except for Holidays and weekends

  • - Will Hold Invoices as much as 130 days without Recourse

  • - High advance rates, up to 100%

  • - Answers Emails faster than normal

  • - Fuel discount program


  • - Hard to get on the phone after Covid


Advance Rate 100% advance rate, no reserves
Discount Rate 1% to 4% per month
Recourse or Non-Recourse  Both
Speed of Funding Same day funding
Revenue Requirements No minimums


                                                                                     Apply for Triumph Business Capital Factoring






16 Jul 2022